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My name is Ali Dehghani, a Software Engineer who's passionate about JVM languages, Distributed Systems and DevOps.

Tehran, Iran




September 2018 - Today

Everything related to the JVM ecosystem
Techs: Java, Spring, JVM, Kotlin, etc.

Senior Software Engineer


April 2017 - Today

Senior Software Engineer
Techs: Java, Spring, Git, etc.

Tosanboom API


September 2016 - April 2107

Backend Lead & REST API Designer.
Techs: Java, Java EE, Spring, etc.

Crowd Funding Hub

Asre Danesh Afzar

March 2016 - August 2016

A hub to promote various projects from different crowd funding platforms.
Techs: Java, Scala, Spring Boot, Gradle, Play! Framework, SBT, Swagger, Oracle, Supervisord, Flyway, Jenkins, etc.

DevOps Engineer

Asre Danesh Afzar

August 2015 - August 2016

Providing the required infrastructures for developers to develop, test, document and deploy their services more efficiently.
Techs: Docker, Jenkins, Swagger, Git, Gitlab, etc.

Cando Android Market

Asre Danesh Afzar

April 2013 - March 2016

Developed its Search Platform, Deployed its Caching Infrastructure, Developed a Content-Based algorithm for App Recommendation Service, Developed background tasks to keep app repository in sync with Google Play, etc.
Techs: Spring Framework, Jersey, Solr, Varnish, etc.

Python Web Developer


2010 - 2013

Techs: Python, Django, Flask, Pandas, etc.

PHP Web Developer


2007 - 2010

Techs: PHP, Cake, HTML, CSS, etc.


MSc Information Technology

Sharif University of Technology

2013 - 2016

Main research areas were related to Patterns in Software Engineering, Software Testing, Software Architecture, Distributed Systems and Semantic Web

BSc Chemical Engineering

Mazandaran University

2007 - 2012

5 years wandering from being a graphic designer to a sys admin to a db admin to a freelance website designer & developer until found his real passion!

Honor & Awards

Master's Entrance Exam


Ranked 12th among about 20000+ in nationwide entrance exam for Master's Program in Information Technology